House Rules


Savage Worlds House Rules


Learning a new language costs 2 skill points to learn.  You either know it or you don't, there's no in-between.

Some skills are being collapsed.  Agility or Strength governs swimming, climbing, and jumping.


1st strike doesn't work on another character with the same edge.

The Champion professional edge is not allowed in Rippers.


Everyone is presumed to be able to swim enough to at least doggy paddle and keep afloat, even if they don't have the Athletics skill.  In a setting where deep water isn't common, you can be completely unable to swim as a Minor Hindrance.  In a game where swimming is common, for example in a Pirate story, it is a Major Hindrance.


You may trip an opponent by attacking his legs.  They may make a Str or Agi check (their choice), if it beats the damage dealt they remain standing, just like disarming.


Days Missed:

 If the GM can't make it to the game or not enough players are able to show, the game will not be cancelled.  Instead, whoever shows up can play Rippers: Horror Wars, which is the wargame version of the RPG (which I have on pdf).  For every match played, everyone participating gets an experience point for their character, for a total of no more than 3.  If you want, you can just inject your character into the wargame, which works just fine.  Just be sure to record what happens turn by turn (it doesn't need to be super detailed) and we can post it in the Adventure Log.

horror wars 

 This is an important change, since historically, if we ever missed more than one game consecutively, the campaign disintigrated, which I don't want to happen.

Strategic Missons

I'm considering using these alternative rules

House Rules

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