Thaddeus Engel/The Gray Gentleman

Premier opera singer and playboy by day, caped crusader, vigilante, and enemy of evil-doers by night

Rank: Novice
Status: 5/5
Smarts: d6
Spirit: d6
Strength: d6
Vigor: d6
Parry: 7
Tough: 5
Pace: 6
Cha: +2
Reason: -1

Fighting d10
Guts d4
Intimidation d4
Persuasion d6
Shooting d6
Stealth d6
Taunt d8

Edges: Acrobat, Alter Ego, Attractive
Hindrances: Delusional (minor; believes evil cannot triumph over good), Enemy (minor; The Queen has ordered a task force that exists solely to apprehend him, luckily they're incompetent), Ripping Psychosis
Rippertech: Retinal Graft (Weakness: Holy Symbols)
Languages Known: English, Italian, French
Gear: Pistol, Ripper Claws, 1$
Profession: Premier opera singer and playboy by day…
Role: ...caped crusader, vigilante, and enemy of evil-doers by night.
Faction: Masked Crusader
History: Engel is quite famous.  He is an accomplished opera star, known throughout Europe as one of the world's finest.  This gives him the perfect cover for his real talent: vigilante crime-fighting.  Engel stalks the streets costumed, ready to give nasty witticisms before dispatching enemy's with his own swift brand of justice.  He finds it quite amusing that newspapers will print reviews of his opera performances right alongside reports of the mysterious hero of the lower caste "The Gray Gentleman", not realzing they are one and the same.

Thaddeus Engel/The Gray Gentleman

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