Jeremiah Wright

Mad scientist and phrenology enthusiast

Rank: Novice
Status: 7
Smarts: d12
Spirit: d4
Strength: d4
Vigor: d6
Parry: 3
Tough: 5(8)
Pace: 6
Cha: 0
Reason: 0

Kno (Rippertech)d10
Mad Science d12
Repair d10
Shooting d6

Edges: Arcane Background (Weird Science), New Power, Rich
Hindrances: Addiction (major; cocaine), Quirk(will never admit he is wrong), Vengeful (minor)
Powers: Bolt (energy cannon), Deflection (force field belt)
Languages Known: English, French, Italian, Latin, Russian
Status: 7
Reason: 0
Gear: Prototype "Axiomatic Graviton-disruption Gun" (patent pending), "Close-proximity Probability-distortion Belt <font>tm", </font>Boilerplate Armor, 7 days/doses of cocaine, 8.5$, $750 annual income
Profession: Founder, owner, and leader of the international scientific think-tank and invention patent office Wright and Sons.
Role: Mad scientist and phrenology enthusiast.
Faction: none
History: Wright is the inventor of several modern contraptions so commanplace and ordinary, yet utterley indespensible, people barely even notice they exist at all.  This includes burn resistant lightbulbs, improved friction-reduced wagonweheels, and dozens others.  Though a successful entrepeneur, a man with his name stamped on many commonplace products, Wright shuns public life and lets his 3 sons run his business.  Wright's true passion is weird science, his business exists only to help finance his real life's work.

Jeremiah Wright

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