Dr. Oskar Gruner

Expert in deviant mental aberration and psychic phenomenon

Rank: Novice
Status: 5
Smarts: d10
Strength: d4
Parry: 4
Tough: 5
Pace: 6
Cha: -2
Reason: 0
Psionics d10
Fighting d4
Guts d4
Healing d8
Knowledge (Psychoanalysis) d8
Persuasion d6
Shooting d4

Edges: Alienist, Arcane Background (Psionics)
Hindrances: Anemic, Outsider (German-Jewish immigrant)
Powers: Burst (psychic scream), Detect/Conceal Arcana (deep concentration), Telekenesis (hand gesture)
Languages Known: English, German, Polish, Russian, Latin

Gear: Shotgun, 1$

Profession: Vienese alienist.

Role: Expert in deviant mental aberration and psychic phenomenon.
Faction: none
History: Gruner discovered his own powers quite accidentally.  His seniors thesis was to disprove the existence of psychic phenomenon but his experiments proved quite the contrary and unveiled his own latent psychic talents.  He has continued his research into his current theories on the causes of psychic phenomenon, with little public attention.  He publishes a quarterly journal on the topic, though most of it's contributors are crackpots and the literature has yet to be taken seriously by the broader scientific community.

Dr. Oskar Gruner

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