Sir Arthur Goddard Montgomery

World traveler and sporting big game hunter.

Rank: Novice
Status: 10
Smarts: d4
Spirit: d6
Strength: d8
Vigor: d6
Parry: 5
Tough: 5
Pace: 6
Cha: +2
Reason: 0

Fighting d6
Guts d6
Notice d6
Riding d6
Shooting d10
Stealth d4
Tracking d6

Edges: Noble, Trademark Weapon (elephant gun adorned in tribal decoration and jewelry)
Hindrances: Deathwish (to die gloriously in battle with a worthy foe), Overconfident
Languages Known: English, Niger-Congo Languages
Reason: 0
Gear: Elephant Gun, Crossbow, 2 binding bolts, 2 explosive bolts, $5.8, $750 annual income

Name: Sir Arthur Goddard Montgomery
Profession: Foppish dilettante.
Role: World traveler and sporting big game hunter.
Factions: Old Worlders
History: Montgomery is a true gentleman and a family embarassment.  His youth was spent drinking and carousing his family's money away, until his father finally volunteered him for military service in India by pulling a few strings.  Montgomery fell in love with the uncivilized world, and after his tour began a series of safaris through Asia and Africa.  On these adventures, he found something that he truly loved and was good at… killing enormous animals for sport.  Montgomery has amassed a vast collection of animal heads, souveneirs, and other trophies.

Sir Arthur Goddard Montgomery

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