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 -From the back of the book:

To the ordinary people of Victorian society, monsters are but silly superstitions or the
cheap fiction of the penny bloods sold on the streets. But you are far from ordinary. You
have seen horrors fearsome enough to stop a brave man’s heart, and you have lived to
tell the tale.

Everybody knows there are no such things as monsters…

…You know better.

You are a Ripper—one of a secret band of monster hunters dedicated to saving humanity—
and the horrors that stalk the night are your prey. To aid in this struggle, Rippers
extract the essence of these monsters' powers and use them to enhance their own abilities.
But be warned, by taking such horrific measures you risk losing your mind…or
worse. Torn between the need for greater power and the threat of terrifying insanity, you
must choose how best to fight the creatures of the night. Choose well, for if the Rippers
fail humanity is lost!


This will serve as the internet homebase of our Rippers campaign.  Feel free to come here to read up on NPCs, check out adventure logs, and please contribute to the wiki.

It will be updated after every session to add new NPCs on the tracker and update the blog.  This will be especially helpful for those occasion that someone has to miss a game.

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House Rules can be found here.

My pregens can be found by clicking the NPC Tracker tab near the top of the page.  More pregens can be found at Pinnacle's webpage here.

Character sheets can be found here.

Lodge and Ally sheet can be found here.

Victorian Etiquette Primer is here if you want to educate yourself in some 19th century English manners.

Pinnacle's Forums are here, which will have lots of discussion on Rippers.